Do you feel excited at the thought of making this world a better place? Are you eager to learn more and make one of the 17 goals, your specialty? Well, then it’s time to meet the Mini Greeny Heroes, the witty, smart and passionate mini characters personifying the 17 SDGs. With a clear mission and purpose they will take you onboard an amusing and inspiring journey together with Bob The Garbage, the Villain Hero representing the irresponsible and careless attitudes of many individuals.

At the heart of the overall mission, we wish to convey the global framework to children and kids in a relatable and interactive storytelling, fostering awareness, spreading knowledge and empowering choices. We hope to raise our next generation as leaders of sustainability, thinking global, impacting local and catalysing changes.





Meet your new friends, the 17 Mini Greeny Heroes, and the villain Bob the Garbage.


Hi, I am Richie and my mission is to End Poverty. We all deserve to equally prosper but sadly there are millions of people lacking social protection and basic resources. My inseparable Piggy Bank reminds me to spare what I have with those less fortunate, then the whole world becomes Richie like me!


Hi, I am FeedAll and my mission is Zero Hunger. I will fight and ensure that no one goes hungry or suffers malnutrition. From producing responsibly to preventing food wastage, I will use my powerful fork and spoon to feed all people and the environment too!

Dr Fit

Hi, I am Doctor Fit and my mission is Good Health and Well-being. I am here to save lives by ensuring healthcare to all, preventing diseases and sharing knowledge about keeping our body fit and healthy. We will grow stronger together!


Hi, I am Brainy and my mission is Quality Education. I want to empower every single human with the most powerful thriving tool: lifelong learning! Now, let’s start with one simple formula: education=better opportunities, never fail to remember this.


Hi, I am Wonderlady and my mission is Gender Equality. I want to stop all discriminations and violence against women, ensuring equal rights and opportunities in every country, in every workplace, in every home. My motto: Ladies first, always!


Hi, I am H2O and my mission is Clean Water and Sanitation. I need to make sure that clean and fresh water is fairly supplied to all. I will protect each drop and restore the generous water supply that Mother Nature provided. Ready to cheer with me?


Hi, I am Switch and my mission is Affordable and Clean Energy. I promote the supply of newer and cleaner forms of energy from the sun, wind, water and more. It takes research and technology, but check my outfit out, and you will see I am all geared up for it.


Hi, I am Worklicious and my mission is Decent Work and Economic Growth. I have a lot on my agenda, ending child and forced labour, preventing modern slavery, ensuring equal opportunities to all, and promoting inclusive, safe, fair and sustainable economic growth. Let’s work it out!


Hi, I am Byteman and my mission is Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. We need to stay connected if we want to grow; therefore, infrastructure, transportation, technology, innovation, communications and inclusive industrialization are vital. Listen to me and to the rhythm of my heart byte!

Fair Fairy

Hi, I am Fair Fairy and my mission is Reduce Inequalities. All human beings deserve the same rights and opportunities. I want to ensure every voice is heard equally and fairly, so we can all grow as individuals and as society, happy and healthy. Magic powers to all!

City Pryde

Hi, I am City Pryde and my mission is Sustainable Cities and Communities. Our city is our home, so here are the sustainable house rules: providing quality basic services and efficient transport systems, promoting green living, preserving cultural and natural sites, adapting to climate changes. In 3 words: inclusive, safe and resilient. See you at the park.


Hi, I am Infinityloop and my mission is Responsible Consumption and Production. Changing our consuming behaviour and production patterns ensuring no impact on the planet. Next time you purchase something, ask yourself, does it “RE..”? Reuse, Recycle, Regenerate, Repurpose, Recreate, Reprocess, Reclaim, Recover, Re-etc…


Hi, I am Climact and my mission is Climate Action. I have the most urgent goal, to raise awareness and act to reduce global warming. Our climate has been changing too fast and now it is our time to reverse this change, before the impacts will be too extreme. (P.S. First thing when I land on earth, I am catching up with Greta !)

Splashy the Diver

Hi, I am Splashy the Diver and my mission is Life below Water. Conserving and respecting oceans, seas and all marine resources and species, because healthy oceans means so much to humans: food, jobs, biofuels, medicines and better water cycles=climate change. Nothing fishy going on when I am around!

The Wild Ranger

Hi, I am the Wild Ranger and my mission is Life on Land. Every living creature plays an important role in the global ecosystem, and we can thrive only if Nature thrives. We need to stop desertification, deforestation, degradation and endangerment of species, by then you will see a big smile on my face.

Justin Peacer

Hi, I am Justin Peacer and my mission is Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Ending all forms of violence, especially against women and children, providing access to justice and building strong institutions fighting crime and corruption. We are the seeds of the society, let’s blossom in harmony!

Win Win

Hi, we are Win Win and our mission is Partnerships for Goals. Have you noticed that we are the only duo? Yes, because the good news is that YOU don’t have to ever work alone to achieve any goals, we must always join hands, participate and collaborate to make it all happen. Then we will all win!

Bob the Garbage

I have no time for introducing myself, I am busy carrying my life with No Care or concern about the planet or others. After all, I am not a government or an NGO, so it is not my problem! I believe in BAU (business as usual) also because where I live life is not too bad. P.s. I don’t get along with the Mini Greeny Heroes, too much purpose and passion is irritating.


Educate, speak up, act: Let’s reduce equalities together

Let’s act together to fight inequalities! We need to educate ourselves about inequalities, both local and global, then speak out and ignite a change. As our world progresses, we don’t want to leave anyone behind, so let’s keep fighting together!

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